Then leave. 

Why do I always do this?

My head is a mess.

My bed no longer a strong and steady fortress.

If you’re going to walk, then walk. 

Love me, leave me.

STOP! You’re not hearing me!

I hate you, don’t leave me. 

If you’re going to walk, then walk. 

Split between wanting your presence,
And then cutting off all communication.

Wanting to accept your final goodbye,

How can you not get it by now. Why?!

If you’re going to walk, then walk.

Because we both know I can’t message you or bring myself to talk to you.

Out of all people it was you I least expected to actually leave.

I thought you understood by now.

If you’re going to walk, then walk.

Rejection hits me as hard as an addict.
It’s all about me. I’m all about rejection.

Whatever the issue. Whatever the excuse.

This mental Illness doesn’t make me see anything but abandonment and rejection.

How many times does it need to be said, for this to be heard?

In time it’ll just be another name added
to the long list of people who left.

A name I never thought would be there.

I’m sorry for having a mental illness.

I’m sorry after all this time you don’t understand.

I’m sorry you can’t see through that.

I’m sorry you think I don’t care.

Just because you’re not seeing it.

Doesn’t mean that it’s not there.

Because the truth is, I care.

Always have always will.

But If you’re going to leave, then leave.

I can’t stop you from leaving,

If you want to unfollow me from life.

It’s all out of my control now.

You’ve made up your mind.

I guess I’d lose him to,

If this was petty, we were 5

And it was down to choosing sides.

This wasn’t supposed to be the end of our journey, but maybe in a way it was.

Because in the end. Everyone leaves.

Stupid to think it would last forever. 

So, If you’re going to walk, then walk. 

 If you are going to leave, then leave. 

Just leave.


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