Open Letter To Evil.


Dear Evil,

Evil is what is best to call you these days. Mind you, I could easily think of a few more four letter words to call you at this point. You know, it’s funny. I vowed never to write about you again like this. It’s become a yearly tradition and it’s by been by far the most therapeutic way of recovering from you.

Honestly, could have sworn that up until recently that I was finally moving away from the pain you caused. Suddenly, there it is again. The anger with what you did, anger with myself for not doing anything about it. That wasn’t until you made your recent mistake. If taking advantage of someone before wasn’t enough for them break down completely. I assure you, sending a few threatening messages and hacking me won’t bother me anymore.

You can speak your disgusting words. You can have me not trusting anyone I thought I knew. Telling me how people say one thing and then laugh at me behind my back. You don’t need to fill my head with what I already know. Trust me, I know.

I’m not that lost, screwed up kid anymore. Well, not the one you used to know anyway. I’ve had hope in so many people and so many things before. The hope I abandoned, like when I felt abandoned by my parents. There was hope worth fighting for five years ago, if it wasn’t for being wrapped up in secrets and teenage pettiness.

For once in my life. I have opened my eyes and realised there is hope.

You don’t get to control any part of me anymore.


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