What Happens Next?

After receiving an extremely unexpected message yesterday, my fingers were hovering over my keyboard for hours. Not knowing what to say or how to even react.

Which also ended in having a horrible dream last night that was just conflict. Although her intentions were clear as day and seemed to be full of curiousity and wanting involvement. As I have no idea how she knows, it makes me wonder is this situation to be trusted?

Of course, you can’t punish them for someone else’s actions, but considering the situation it’s hard to know if what they want is real?

And when or how do you introduce? 5 years of getting things sorted out, a routine, agreeing who we are to each other and the reason why we kept so quiet is now happening.

Exactly what we were afraid of was now becoming reality. Was being truthful worth it? Are we ready for this?

The truth is being leaked and becoming reality for more lives than the ones that have already been changed.

There’s no running away anymore. It’s time to face this, some way or another.

We have no idea what happens next. We will face this at every step we take. Whatever happens next, will happen.

No running. Just facing this.

The truth will set us all free.


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