They hate you, but stalk you.

Why is it the people who try to destroy us are always the ones who tell everyone how much they hate you and are actually the ones who still want to stalk your life?

How does it even make sense to them? Do people really feel better by still attempting at knocking people down like that? Seriously, just think about it. You have one life. None of us are going to live forever. Who even has spare time to make people feel like crap or at least attempt to? If you really do have the time, then you must have a very empty place in your heart. Why not fill that space by spending time with the people you love or making other people happy instead of making them miserable?

They are supposed to be an adult, yet anyone would think they are still on a playground.

There is so much bad shit in this world, it’s hard to understand why anyone would waste any precious time out of their lives to cause someone else misery.

If you have been a target of bullying/ cyber bullying or harassment. Remember why you stayed strong throughout it all. There was never anything wrong with you. It was to do with their insecurities and their problems.

As someone who has been targeted by people like this, it’s easy to feel victimised. I’ve been feeling low because of the worry about what comes next. It is also easy for old feelings to resurface if triggered. That’s something that I have been coping with over the past few days.

Those flashbacks, the moments of fear, the worry, the voices, all calm down immediately when I remember hope. I have my ray of sunshine. She is my hope. My hope that has made me keep going for the past 6 years. The one thing that they will never be able to have and for that, I feel extremely lucky to have everyone and everything I do have in my life. 🙂


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