Stressful Update 

I’ve been in the worst state I have ever been in lately. The Suicidal thoughts and dissociation have worsened more than ever. I need and want help so much, but apparently I don’t meet the criteria for the specific help I need. Yes, apparently there is a criteria, which in my opinion should NOT exist. It’s exactly like saying someone with less money than someone else isn’t relevant to the world because they don’t have enough money or someone elses terminal illness isn’t as bad as someone else’s so they aren’t going to bother treating them or make them comfortable. Is that right? No! There will always be people who are worse off in some ways more than us, but we all deserve to be well!!

This above is exactly how I am on a daily basis. Without the obvious. A name. I have been waiting for 2 years now for an official diagnosis and STILL I am waiting. 

Unless I physically go and do something about wanting to die, they won’t help me and even if I did the team said the place they’d have to put me is somewhere that wouldn’t suit me. I can’t even have more support to come to me because of ridiculous funding. 

Us the people don’t matter, the money comes first always and that’s the real heartbreaking truth. I used to stick up for the NHS, because of my positive experience with CAMHS when I was younger, but everything since then has been utter shite. 

The fact they just expect you to suffer unless you have £15,000 for a proper treatment centre is disgusting. Everyone should matter, not some more than others. And the sad truth is people are losing loved ones everyday because nothing is changing! 

I wish this was a more positive post, but no  thanks to the NHS, things aren’t looking positive in the slightest right now. 


2 thoughts on “Stressful Update 

  1. Its disgusting what this country has become plenty of funding for the wrong things. Keep strong babe your always in my prayers and every time i light a candle. Nuff love x

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