Letting Go. Unclear.

….. I can’t.

….. It’s simple as that.

….. I just can’t.

….. I don’t know how.

…..Until now.

I’m that person who will have said or done something 6 years ago and still be completely affected by it still to this day. I can keep a grudge against someone who might have accidentally tripped me up one time, even after apologising.

So, if you’re the reason behind why I have a flashback then you’re probably on that list.

Something has really changed in me this week, that I can’t keep doing this. I have extreme mood swings, I feel suicidal most days, but I just about make it through everyday. I’m 99% paranoid most of the time and currently I have no idea who I am.

I’m so worried about getting hurt that I don’t know what I do or say to others that will hurt them and I refuse to do that anymore. No matter how hard it is, maybe walking away from certain situations and people is what I have to do.






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