Blocking Them For Good. || RANT

Things are always extra tough from June through to August. The last two years haven’t bothered me like they have this year. Maybe because I have kept certain people at a very nice, long way away from me and making sure I don’t let them back like before. Until last week, I thought I was able to get through all of this again. But you just had to be there. Again. Involved again. Why? Not just for your own benefits. For his also. I know more than you think and you know less than you think you know. If you had real questions, why not come out and say them in your own way of asking them other than make it known it wasn’t really you asking them? Or was that point?

I don’t even know. I don’t want to care anymore.

There are those people in life who only stay or come back because of boredom or because they are just pure nosey. Or being nosey for others and reporting to others. That’s cool if people want to ask like that. I’m just done being the fool and letting that happen with me. I love people who generally ask questions because they are interested. What I hate is the people ask questions out of nosiness. I made the decision of stop chasing people for those reasons. When you’re the one who cares and the other one doesn’t, why hold onto the pain?

Hanging on to those people knowing they don’t have you’re best intentions in mind, it’s pointless,  painful and constant reminder of the shitty past and takes up space in mind and the time I could be spending and thinking of the people who actually care.




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